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Getting into the creation of a startup and participating in the program will inevitably impact your life! Indeed, you will live an unprecedented human experience! Surrounded by caring people, you will advance your idea, while being challenged. This program will provide you with a framework conducive to emulating ideas. You will advance in lean startup mode, between iteration and pivot, to finally create THE startup that suits you!

An idea for a startup, a desire to be an entrepreneur!

Beyond the idea, the personality of entrepreneurs plays an important role when they apply for the Idenergie accelerator, as well as their ability to advance their startup project. Being an entrepreneur also means knowing how to surround yourself with the right people, listening to the market, making the right decisions when it comes to pivoting, motivating teams and above all having a vision.

A team attentive to your needs

Above all, get a dynamic team that will boost you throughout the progress of your project. Innovation coaches have been following projects for 12 years or have also created their business. Drawing on this experience, these innovation coaches know how to “talk about startup”. Coaches know the mistakes to avoid when launching your startup. Result: 1 in 3 startups raised more than 100 k € (300 k € on average) and 150 k € of funding on average were obtained.

Promotion of entrepreneurs

Joining the accelerator program means entering into a promotion of entrepreneurs who are at the same stage and who have the same questions. For each promotion, it selects different projects, so that you do not have a competitor in the promotion, or in previous promotions. With us, you can speak freely about your thoughts, your progress and feel less alone when faced with these new questions.