Author: Dwayne Griffin

Whether it is the desire to succeed abroad , to create a business easily or to work with rare talents, there are plenty of reasons for creating a startup : Do you have an innovative project? An idea you want to see flourish? Do you have the will to succeed and the determination to bring something to the world? Creating a startup implies job creation , self-improvement and obtaining freedom . This is why we offer you a simple practical guide that will help you organize the creation of your business.

How to find an idea?

First of all, to create your startup you need to find an idea. Don’t have any ideas but always wanted to be successful running your business, working with people and making a contribution? There are many ways to brainstorm to come up with this idea that will change your life .

First of all, you need to identify a problem: you can do surveys on networks, in your surroundings or quite simply to identify a problem based on your personal experience.

When you find this problem, try to find a solution. You may decide to cooperate with other people in order to come out with a more complete and effective product or setting .

When you start building a startup , what you need to remember is that you are not alone. There are services that support and assist you during all stages of creation and development.

• As for the consulting sector , we find fablabs, accelerators, incubators … which will support you until your project matures.
• For information and assistance for financing your innovation : business angels, public programs, investment funds, banks, etc.
• For the hosting of your company, that is to say domiciling his company , the entrepreneur can have recourse to incubators, nurseries, domiciliation companies or coworking spaces.

Before embarking on the creation of your startup , it is necessary to carry out a market study , that is to say to observe the competition , the offers already available on the market and to ensure the correspondence between the planned activity and the request.

This step is not legal, but economic and commercial.

You will have to put together a business plan that will help organize and clarify the project, in your eyes but also in those of potential investors.

Choice of legal status

The creation of a startup goes through the drafting of the articles of association , and therefore the choice of legal status , then by the constitution of the share capital , the publication of an advertisement in a newspaper of legal announcements and the constitution of the registration file. . The choice of status is an extremely important step when setting up a business. This is a complicated step because there are many different legal forms, all characterized by options that will be more or less conducive to the development of your company. Since a startup is most often created by several founding members, its legal status is mainly oriented towards a company.

Produce a specification

The next step is to complete the specifications of the mockups for your product. This step will allow you to clarify the idea you have in mind, and to be precise about what you are going to offer to your customers. Remember that the details make the difference and it is often by going into the details that we get to ask the right questions.

Develop a prototype

In order to make an offer on the market you are targeting, you have to make a prototype .The goal being to focus on the key features of your product or service. You have to focus on one detail, the one that will make the difference, that differentiates you from the rest of the offers.

Fundraising: business plan of the company

Now, you have all the necessary elements that will allow your investors to show interest in your project . You will now have to start looking for funding: Remember that you can participate in the funding of your project yourself. Your financial involvement will even reassure investors.

Getting into the creation of a startup and participating in the program will inevitably impact your life! Indeed, you will live an unprecedented human experience! Surrounded by caring people, you will advance your idea, while being challenged. This program will provide you with a framework conducive to emulating ideas. You will advance in lean startup mode, between iteration and pivot, to finally create THE startup that suits you!

An idea for a startup, a desire to be an entrepreneur!

Beyond the idea, the personality of entrepreneurs plays an important role when they apply for the Idenergie accelerator, as well as their ability to advance their startup project. Being an entrepreneur also means knowing how to surround yourself with the right people, listening to the market, making the right decisions when it comes to pivoting, motivating teams and above all having a vision.

A team attentive to your needs

Above all, get a dynamic team that will boost you throughout the progress of your project. Innovation coaches have been following projects for 12 years or have also created their business. Drawing on this experience, these innovation coaches know how to “talk about startup”. Coaches know the mistakes to avoid when launching your startup. Result: 1 in 3 startups raised more than 100 k € (300 k € on average) and 150 k € of funding on average were obtained.

Promotion of entrepreneurs

Joining the accelerator program means entering into a promotion of entrepreneurs who are at the same stage and who have the same questions. For each promotion, it selects different projects, so that you do not have a competitor in the promotion, or in previous promotions. With us, you can speak freely about your thoughts, your progress and feel less alone when faced with these new questions.